Have a Dastan to share? Reach out to us.

The following contributions are welcomed:

1. Short commentaries/op-eds (500-1000 words)
2. Long-form essays or analyses (1000-3000 words)
3. Book or movie reviews
4. Creative writing: poetry and prose (any length)


Confused about what your piece of work is? Contact us.

How to pitch.

Email us at thedastangoi@gmail.com.

Provide a short description of the piece in the email subject heading. The pitch itself should consist of 4 paragraphs:


Paragraph 1: briefly tell us your name, occupation, location and the piece you have in mind.

Paragraph 2: tell us why this piece matters and what sources you’ll be using to write the piece (Fieldwork? Interviews? Archival material? Secondary material?)

Paragraph 3: tell us if you have any videos/photos/multimedia to go with the piece.